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Tetrant Legal was originally a financial planning firm started by its owner, Rob Siddoway, back in 2009. Over the years as new clients came into the firm it was apparent that the issues clients were facing were becoming more complex and so to better serve his clients, Rob decided to pursue a law degree. Upon completing law school and passing the bar Rob converted the old financial planning firm into what is now Tetrant Legal - a full-service estate planning firm. Not only can Tetrant Legal offer cutting edge legal advice, but it incorporates sound financial planning principles, solutions, and products into the planning process as well.

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While traditional estate planning law firms focus on document preparation (wills, trusts, powers of attorney, healthcare directives, etc.), Tetrant Legal takes a new approach to estate planning by integrating these important documents with a proprietary financial planning process that has been developed over years of experience. Tetrant Legal offers its clients a complete planning experience where they can get their estate planning documents drafted, insurance planning, investment planning, retirement planning, and even charitable planning accomplished in one place. Because the firm is able to help in so many different areas of an estate plan we are able to maintain a high-quality, low-cost solution for our client's planning needs. 

Tetrant Legal is located in Gilbert, AZ but serves a variety of neighboring communities including Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, and San Tan Valley.