Most estate planning focuses on leaving a legacy for the next generation in the family tree. But what happens if there aren’t lineal descendants or the lineal descendants don’t need more assets? Enter charitable planning… this might not only allow you to leave your mark on the next generation but it could be the way you help make the world a better place for generations to come. Some of the ways Tetrant helps clients accomplish this include:

  • Tax planning using charitable remainder and charitable lead trusts to maximize tax benefits while giving to charitable causes.

  • Consulting with non-profit organizations on their endowment and planned giving programs.

  • Alternative giving strategies including using donor advised funds.

  • Matching charitable ambitions with the right organizations so that your charitable efforts match the legacy you are seeking to leave.

Whether you have already completed your personal estate and financial plan or you are just getting started, please take advantage of our complimentary consultation to review your existing charitable plan or begin the process of setting up your charitable legacy.